Parchment Crafters | Manufacturer Instructions

Our Custom Printed Parchment Paper is a kitchen essential, offering a non-stick surface that’s ideal for baking and wrapping. Whether you’re rolling out dough, layering a casserole, or wrapping a sandwich, our parchment paper has got you covered.

Key Features

  1. Oven Safe: Our Parchment Paper is designed to withstand oven temperatures, making it perfect for baking cookies, bread, and pastries.
  2. Non-Stick Surface: Say goodbye to greasing pans. Our Parchment Paper’s non-stick surface ensures your baked goods slide right off.
  3. Versatile: From baking to food wrapping, our Parchment Paper is a versatile addition to your kitchen tools.

How to Use?

Using our Parchment Paper is simple:

  1. For Baking: Cut a piece of parchment paper to fit your baking tray. Place your dough or batter directly on the paper and bake as per your recipe instructions.
  2. For Food Wrapping: Wrap your sandwiches or other food items directly with the parchment paper, ensuring the food is fully covered.
  3. For Casseroles: Layer your casserole dish with parchment paper before adding your ingredients to prevent sticking and allow for easy cleanup.
  4. For Cake Pans: Cut a round piece of parchment paper to fit the bottom of your cake pan. This will help your cake slide out easily after baking.

Safety Instructions 

While our Parchment Paper is safe to use in the oven, there are a few safety precautions to keep in mind:

  1. Avoid Open Flame: Do not expose the parchment paper to an open flame.
  2. Temperature Range: Always use within the oven’s recommended temperature range.
  3. No Deep Frying: Our Parchment Paper is not suitable for deep frying.
  4. Responsible Disposal: After use, please dispose of the paper responsibly.

Additional Tips

Parchment Crafters offer parchment paper that is versatile and can be used for more than just baking:

  1. Rolling out Dough: Use it as a non-stick surface when rolling out dough.
  2. Layering in Casseroles: Use it to layer ingredients in casseroles to prevent sticking and for easy cleanup.
  3. Wrapping Sandwiches: It’s perfect for wrapping sandwiches and other food items for a picnic or lunch on the go.
  4. Lining Cake Pans: Use it to line the bottom of cake pans for easy removal after baking.

Thank you for choosing our Parchment Paper. We hope this user guide helps you get the most out of it. Happy cooking and baking!